New Customer Sign Up Sheet.

If you would like to sign up for
curbside recycling pickup
Please call 244-0443
or email
with the following information:


Feel free to leave a message with all your information, if you don't reach a person... Then we can mail you an information packet, right away, and not play phone tag.



Billing Address

Is there a gate code or other information we need?

Is your houses address easily seen?
Is it easy to find your house?
Is your street new? or is it on the old maps?
Is there anything we should know about your yard or area?

If the Pick up Address is different then the Billing Address please include that:

Home Phone Number

Work or Cell phone number

Let us know if you are interested in reducing paper use and would like to receive your invoice and newsletter via email

and let us know your Email Address

You need to be in a standard residential area with easy access.

Basically, you need to put your recyclables next to the curb where you stage your garbage cans for pick up.

If you are in a more remote area, or need to stage your recyclables further then 10 feet from the curb, a $10/month extra charge might apply.

How did you hear about us?


We believe strongly in protecting this place!

If you have any comments, or suggestions thaty you want to add, or if you want to be more active in the recycling world, let us know!

We want to do all we can, and your voice matters!

Once we receive your information, you will be contacted
for confirmation to make sure we each have all the
information needed for proper service. 

If you want to speed the process,
send in a check for $150.00
which covers 3 months of service.

Maui Recycling Service
P.O.Box 1267 Wailuku HI 97693

Be sure and include your pick up address and phone number!

We will then put you on the next route and get you recycling!

And be sure to understand that items must be
sorted accordingly, and not in containers larger than 20 gallons!

And be set out at the curb by 7am!

This service is for families only! Based on 5 people or less living in the same household. Vacation rentals and businesses please call our office to get a quote.

We cannot begin pick up until payment is received.

Feel free to contact us for more information, but note, we are extremely busy and might not get back to you right away.


Billing is done quarterly.
You will be signed up for a service.
If you want to discontinue service, you must contact us directly.
No refunds can be offered.

Thanks for recycling!

It does make a difference!


Maui Recycling Service

P.O. Box 1267

Wailuku, Hi. 96793

(808) 244-0443 Fax (808) 873-6141