Residential Curbside Guidelines/FAQ

Thank you for participating in Maui Recycling Service's curbside recycling program. We appreciate your support. Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality service that we can. Therefore, we need your cooperation with the following policies and procedures.

We provide guidelines for sorting your recyclables. We ask that you comply with them as best you can. Our drivers and helpers are very busy and are not able to separate mixed or contaminated recyclables. Please contact us if you have questions or need another copy of the
guidelines and want it mailed to you.

 Please have your recyclables on the curb no later than 7AM of your scheduled pickup day. We suggest that you even put them out the night before; that way there is no confusion about whether we missed your pickup or not.

 As long as your household does not exceed 5 people and your recyclables are produced only by a non-commercial household, there is no (reasonable)limit to the amount we pickup. Exceptions are: 1) Only one house per account; 2) Not more than one cubic yard of Cardboard per month.

 We do not provide recycling containers at this time. As long as you follow our source-separation guidelines, almost any kind of container is acceptable. However, we request that you:
 1) DO NOT use plastic bags for glass as they will break and can cause injury to handlers
 2) DO NOT use large bins (greater than 18-gal) for heavy materials such as glass or paper; they can become too heavy for safe lifting.

 Our billing is done in advance and by calendar quarter. Your initial pickup may occur in the middle of a quarter and we will pro-rate it. After that, you will receive a bill every 3 months and your payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. This is a non-refundable fee, even if you miss a pickup. However if the missed pickup is our fault, we will either schedule a special pickup at your convenience or simply credit you. In certain circumstances, such as traveling off island, you can let us know at least 3 months in advance and we will not charge you for those pickups. Please call our office to get clarification.

 Unless otherwise noted, the price for normal curbside service is $111.00 per quarter ($35.52 / month + tax). There is an initial one time signup fee of $10.00. (Waived at this time) Also, if you live in a remote area (i.e. Huelo or Makena), or your house has difficult access, or, for whatever reason, we have to make a pickup more than 10 feet from the curb, there is an extra $15.00 charge per pickup. Curbside is defined by where you bring your garbage for pickup by Maui County refuse trucks.



Thank You for your help. Together, we are making an impact on Maui's environment. Together, we are bringing awareness to the use and misuse of our island's resources. One day maybe it won't be such an uphill battle. One day maybe we'll take care of our environment just for the love of it. Wouldn't you like to see that happen?

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