Maui's ONLY Full Service Curbside recycling!
Starting at: $50.00 per month!!*

Be part of the solution!

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 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, RETHINK!

If Not Now, when???

WHAT can you recycle?
Aluminum beverage cans
Tin / steel / bi metal food cans
Tin / aluminum foil.
# 1 plastic bottles with necks
(clear containers, like
water bottles, Vegetable oil bottles...)
# 2 plastic bottles with necks; (Like Milk & POG bottles
laundry jugs, shampoo bottles...)
(Look on the bottom for numbers)
Cardboard Corrugated and cereal box type.
Inkjet cartridges
Small electronics
Cell phones
Used household cooking oil!

      Maui Recycling Service
Protecting Maui and the planet for more than 25 years!

Our mission is to provide an easy way for Maui
 to recycle and, overall, to help make 
Maui environmentally sustainable!

We fuel our work trucks and personal cars with
 100% recycled vegetable oil, (biodiesel)
We buy only tree-free or 100% recycled

Avoid buying plastics whenever  possible...
Support local businesses and charities...
We are a small, private company that  lives what we believe... and are doing our best to protect this beautiful island, today and for the future...

Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Maui Recycling Service Team

General Information

Important Links to check out

The Future is in YOUR Hands!
Get Involved
It's YOUR planet too!!
Ban Styrofoam!
Demand Mandatory Curbside recycling!
Mandatory Greenwaste/composting!
Buy Local!
Zero Waste now!

Maui recycling service, EVERYONE should recycle!

If you are waiting for county sponsored / paid curbside recycling, ask yourself why?
Yes it should be mandatory, but it will not be free!
YOU WILL pay for it, whether you see it directly or not, through your taxes. PLUS, the trucks won't be biodiesel, and they won't pick up all the items that Maui Recycling does...

There is no excuse to NOT recycle all you can, and Maui Recycling Service is here to help make it easy on you!


Why do we have to pay to recycle?
Why do we have to separate items?

Whether you are a small family or large business you can do more for the planet, your family, and the future of both.

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We look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks for your consciousness.
Remember Maui,

It does matter!


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